Calming effects of Essential Oils

Have you ever had those days when the stress and anxiety just don’t seem to quit? Did you know that there are ways to relieve that stress and anxiety that are natural and non addictive? Well there are, using Essential Oils. And listed below are 5 of the most popular oils that can be used. You will find the name of the oil, how to use it and what to use it for.


1. For constant worrying

Essential oil:  Sandalwood

How to chill: Dab a few drops on your chest, and then practice a simple mindfulness exercise: Close your eyes, sit up straight, and rest your hands on your lap. Breathe slowly and count your inhales: Inhale one, inhale two, inhale three, inhale four, etc. When you lose count, start back at one and keep counting until you feel your tension ease.


2. For light-headedness or depression

Essential oil: Peppermint

How to chill: Place two drops along the back of your neck or on the crown of your head. Then then take 10 to 15 deep breaths with the bottle of oil under your nose (you will feel a noticeable tingling sensation).


3. For acid reflux, headaches, or indigestion

Essential oil:  Sweet Marjoram

How to chill: After a warm shower, put three drops in the palm of both hands, and add a tablespoon of unscented body oil or lotion. Rub your palms together and spread the blend on your abdomen and chest in circular, clockwise motions.


4. For sleeplessness

Essential oil: Clary Sage

How to chill: Before you head to bed, take a hot bath with several drops of clary sage in the water. Once in bed, place three drops on a tissue, turn off the lights, and take 10 to 15 deep breaths through the tissue. Keep the tissue on your nightstand while you sleep.

5. For a panic attack 

Essential oil: German Chamomile

How to chill: Put a drop of oil in the palm of each hand, and cup them over your face. Start to slow your breathing by silently counting your exhales in your head. The oil combined with the mindful breathing will leave you feeling much calmer.

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     What a great way to help you get through the day. And as an added bonus a lot of these oils have a really nice aroma that goes with them. So if your feeling a little stressed or feeling some anxiety, take the time to check out these oils, give them a try and see if they don’t help you.